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MySpotit membership gives you the opportunity to work 10 days a month in any office over Estonia and Latvia, using the selection of office spaces offered by MySpotit platform. Membership fee allows one desk usage per day.


  • Easy to access
  • Convenient work environment
  • High-speed WiFi


  • Work in different offices in Estonia and Latvia
  • Personal MySpotit support
  • Cleaning
  • Disinfecting services

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MySpotit user experiences


Reelika Ein


Although we’re supposed to be maintaining our distance from others, it feels as though we’re constantly connected to everyone in our lives – and the juggling act we perform on a daily basis has now had household chores and tutoring 5th-grade maths added to it. I’m grateful to MySpotit for giving me the chance to choose somewhere to work remotely – even for a day and just for a change of scenery. They’re quick to get back to you, and whatever you want or need, they make sure you get it as the want or need arises. Try it for yourself! Take some time out for yourself!


Lilian Nõlvak

MySpotit is fascinating in its simplicity and the ability to discover special rooms where the idea can fly more comfortably.


Triin Kliss

Maintest Grupp OÜ

I am sincerely glad that I gained my first rental office experience through MySpotit. If you have to decide which rental space to choose, then MySpot is definitely a sure choice in every working day!

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